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Camera SunglassesCamera Sunglasses


Camera Sunglasses

Totally hands-free, can firmly attach to helmet, goggle, etc, for extreme sports filming. You can bike, ski, climb, wave-surf, wind-surf… or even dive it with, remember it is 50-meter waterproof!

Camera Sunglasses

Patented waterproof USB & earphone jack.

Camera Sunglasses

Waterproof pusher and O-ring.

Remote Control

Patented waterproof case-back.

High quality polarzied lenses

Detachable microphone, that can be take off for under water operation. Please rinse the mini DVR with clean water after filing under salty water or seawater.

high quality earphone

With wide viewing angle: 67°± 5°.

Adjustable nosepads

With laser beam to guide, so you are aiming at exactly what you what film or picture.


Remote control: for video-recording & photo-shooting; controlling range: 0.5 meter. Easy, convenient!

Adjustable nosepads

Stereo earphones, ensure the great sound quality of your favorite music.