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Music player on watch

With memory capacity ranging from 512MB to 8GB, the watch can store up to 256 hours of music. The USB cable is injected into the watch strap, making it strong and durable. Even so, the watch is so comfortable to wear, that you don't even notice it's there!



To ensure the best listening experience, we also build in an equalizer in the watch tuned to different types of music.

Voice recorder


Not only that, we also added a microphone for you to record any time you like. The voice recorder records up to 72 hours/GB of audio in ADPCM format.

Easy to use

To use the USB storage function, just push back the connector cover and plug it into your computer's USB port. It is a standard USB mass storage device, so no drivers needed for Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS 9 and above (For Windows 98, driver installation is needed.)

Data Security

With the free software we ship with the watch, you can divide the disk into public areas and secure areas. Secure areas can only be accessed with your preset password to ensure your personal data stays confidential.

Time Piece

It is still a watch though MP3 seems like the focus. The watch head gets its own battery and last for years, not hours. This watch head is 3 ATM water resistant, anti-static, and shock proof. We have decades of experience in making watches. For more info, visit: Xonix Watch.